Why Leyte Welcomes You

The Island of Leyte is nestled within the Visayan Islands and most noted for the Battle of Leyte Gulf, the landing of Gen. Douglas MacArthur on October 20, 1944 as he waded ashore saying “I have returned” – Leyte is most famous for its role in the reconquest of the Philippines in World War II.

Michael & Gina’s first photo together in Tacloban, Leyte Sept. 2007

The Philippines are a tropical paradise comprised of over 7,107 islands, officially known as the Republic of the Philippines. Its location on the Pacific Ring of Fire and its tropical climate make the Philippines prone to earthquakes and typhoons but have also endowed this beautiful landscape with natural resources that have made it one of the richest areas of biodiversity in the world. An estimated 94 million people live in the Philippines, comprised of multiple ethnicities throughout the islands. All the still pctures of my first trip the the Philippines, including the wedding. This wedding took place in Baybay, Leyte, Philippines

Having traveled to the Philippines many times I have documented my trips and assembled several video’s with the highlights of these adventures and placed them within the articles below.

Watch all My Leyte Video’s

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The Beauty of Leyte Philippines

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