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Hotels & Resorts in Leyte Philippines

The province of Leyte is found in the Eastern Visayas region. It is the site of the Philippines’ longest and most beautiful bridge, the San Juanico Strait, and the site of the first mass in the Philippines. It is also where some of the most monumental battles of World War II took place. Its capital […]

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The Road to Baybay

My wife and I travel from Mahaplag to Baybay Leyte to get something to eat. The beautiful and scenic 1 hour trip with a stop along the way at Mingay’s BBQ, Pantalan in Baybay.

The Culture of Traditional Filipino Cuisine

Filipino food is a unique part of the culture and central to Filipino life. It defines their uniqueness and diversity as a people. Most regions or provinces are known for one or several types of food or for the distinctive taste of their home-cooked food. Bicolanos for example are known for a variety of food […]

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Climate of the Philippines

The Philippines has a tropical maritime climate and is usually hot and humid. There are three seasons: tag-init or tag-araw, the hot dry season or summer from March to May; tag-ulan, the rainy season from June to November; and tag-lamig, the cool dry season from December to February. The southwest monsoon (from May to October) […]

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Eastern Visayas Region of Leyte and Samar

The twin islands of Samar and Leyte form the core group of the East Visayas region. Both offer excellent natural harbours for ancient seafarers coming in from the Pacific Ocean. Not much is known of the islands’ pre-Hispanic origins due to lack of archaeological diggings in the area. Its remoteness contributed to its isolation from […]

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