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Famous People of Leyte Philippines

Besides people engaged in politics such as former First Lady Imelda Marcos and former speaker of the regular Batasang Pambansa (1984-1986) Nicanor Espina Yniguez (he filed the bill creating the province of Southern Leyte), there are also personalities in other fields such as media and entertainment who made their mark on the nation. Foremost among […]

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The Value in Todays Filipino Family

The Filipino family is unique, most households in the Philippines differ considerably from what is considered normal to most westerners or anywhere else around the world. While most families elsewhere are composed of a father, a mother or the parents and their children, a Filipino family would normally go beyond this in one household. The […]

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Traveling To The Philippines

Can a man find true love through an online dating website? Im sure my story is not too different from other men – Im willing to share my story of hope and to encourage other men like me that true love can be found if you look in the right place. About a year before […]

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Capturing the Heart of a Filipina Woman

If you fall in love with a Filipina, you will need to find the way to capture her heart. Filipina girls are known to be very conservative and very religious, they can also be very secretive especially when it comes to relationships and the matters of the heart. This is actually a result of the […]

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Traditional Love of a Modern Day Filipina Woman

What is the price of love these days, what price would you pay to find the love of your life? Can you find love in a third world country? What can be traditional in a modern day relationship… Love should be pure and sincere. Filipinas are known to be devoted and willing to surrender everything […]

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