Western Men & Filipina Spouses Age Difference

I originally posted this topic Western Men & Filipina Spouses Age Difference with a POLL on the Topix website hoping to get other FilAm couples to vote and comment on this unique topic. My goal was to learn something and encourage others regarding this topic.

Western Men & Filipina Spouses Age Difference

I have read that this phenomenon is fairly well documented and that the age difference is a common theme in most FilAm relationships. Not always but in allot of cases the Filipina women have historically looked for an older man for several reasons:

1. There is a larger population of available older men for her to choose from.

2. Older men are more likely to desire a committed relationship, they are done playing and chasing women and desire a permanent relationship.

3. Older men are more established which means financial stability and respect in their community.

4. Older men are relationship wise and appreciate a younger more beautiful woman as a cherished gift and a second chance at life and will treat her well.

Im also curious how long these relationships last, how long have you been married. If you are male and you were married before then you have a frame of reference, are you more or less happy now that you are married with a Filipina woman. Women can comment here too about their relationships to Western Men.

I believe there are cases where a Filipina woman is only marrying for money or a ticket out to a better life, but that is unusual compared to the success stories.(Good news doesn’t travel far but 1 bad story and everyone knows about it)

I believe if you are looking for a woman in the wrong place, you will find the wrong kind of woman for you. The same goes for Filipina women, if you are attracting the wrong kind of man, you will not be happy either.

I have read of situations where the Western Man is angry because his Filipina Wife left him and then in his conversation you can read that he was mistreating her and beating her and making her his slave!

This is unacceptable!

We can not treat Filipina women this way, eventually she will fight back and it is her right to leave that abusive situation.

I believe Filipina women want to be appreciated and cherished and treated with respect.

Just my thoughts on this matter, maybe a little heavy, but justified…

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