Traveling To The Philippines

Can a man find true love through an online dating website? Im sure my story is not too different from other men – Im willing to share my story of hope and to encourage other men like me that true love can be found if you look in the right place.

About a year before Gina and I met, I had signed up with several online dating websites,, , Yahoo Personals, and several others, after many months of unsuccessful attempts to make some sort of meaningful and heartfelt communication with someone I was feeling maybe a real relationship couldn’t come from an online acquaintance. I had the best communication with a Filipina Woman while on Mate1 but it didn’t work out but I felt I would look for a Filipino Dating site. I found FilDate and after 2 months I found I liked the navigation, profile system and the few individuals I did chat with seemed to be more serious about their purpose for being there, I felt this was where I would find her!

I first saw Gina’s profile and saved it hoping for the opportunity to IM with her but she was never online. Then one morning, there she was, we began to chat and I was excited because I just felt I had been waiting for her and if we just had the chance something good would happen. I liked FilipinaHeart’s internal IM system which worked really well and after a week of chatting everyday I asked Gina if she wanted to setup new yahoo email addresses and chat more privately within Yahoo Chat, she agreed and we wouldn’t be bothered by constant popup windows of people wanting to chat with us. We began chatting in May and by August we both knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together and I started to make plans to meet Gina. It took some encouraging words from Gina’s aunt Mhey living in California in helping me in my preparation and make the right choices for travel.

I shot this video within the first 2 days of meeting Gina while in the Philippines, we were at Kilim Beach in the town of Baybay on the Island of Leyte. We were just walking on the beach together and with little to say we just enjoyed being together.

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