Traditional Love of a Modern Day Filipina Woman

What is the price of love these days, what price would you pay to find the love of your life? Can you find love in a third world country? What can be traditional in a modern day relationship…

Love should be pure and sincere. Filipinas are known to be devoted and willing to surrender everything during marriage and would selflessly give up everything for family and the people, children and husband she loves. Filipina women are willing to leave a career or promising future to take care of a husband, children or extended family. Traditional Filipina WomanYoung girls are trained at an early age to embrace their future roll of home maker and take care of their husbands and the kids, tend the house and do other household chores with pride. Even in this modern era, the Filipina woman is known for her selfless care of others, attention to detail around the home, establishing respect and discipline in her children and often a natural knack at making things grow.

Many husbands of Filipina women will confess that their wifes love is indisputable and pure. They are true to their wedding vows and stick to their husbands even in the most trying times. A Filipina love said to be martyr and full of sacrifices. This is true in so many different ways. There are a lot of women, married women, who would just confine herself inside the house and just do everything to make the home as comfortable as possible. Filipina married women always want to be at home when their husband comes home from work and pick the kids up at school. They also love cooking for the family and making sure all they’re needs are met. All of these things are the responsibilities that they are willing to take even if it means forever. These are admirable traits that are bread into young girls for thousands of years.

Today the pressures on the family, the acceptance of divorce and the more liberal views of family, some women leave the family even the kids and go overseas to work. Kids are just left with a nanny or their grandparents so that both parents can work and look after the family.¬†Half of the population believes that this way of life affects the children. The effects may not be visible right now, but according to some people the effects of parents leaving their kids would slowly manifest when they are in their teens. Many believe that this kind of arrangement would also take it’s toll on the marriage relationship and the perception the children will have of their parents.

Even though this is what is happening, many people believe that love is still alive, with the all the new ways to communicate, it just became more practical than ever before. Leaving the family behind is something that is almost unthinkable for most Filipinas, but this is Filipina love in all its essence. This kind of trait is something that men from other countries really admire about Filipinas, that is why more and more male foreigners prefer Filipinas rather than other women from other countries.

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