Capturing the Heart of a Filipina Woman

If you fall in love with a Filipina, you will need to find the way to capture her heart. Filipina girls are known to be very conservative and very religious, they can also be very secretive especially when it comes to relationships and the matters of the heart. This is actually a result of the Philippines being a predominantly Catholic country. Young people are taught at an early age by parents, grandparents and particularly their mothers, to have faith in God, to go to church every Sunday to observe special occasions, religious fiestas and holidays like Christmas, New Year and Easter.

Filipinos in general are non-confrontational people. A girl may find a man attractive but would keep everything to herself and just wait for the moment that the young man would take notice of her.  A Filipina girl would find it attractive if a man would be brave enough and truthful with his feelings and speak up. This trait is something that most young male Westerners would not find difficult.

FIlipina girls love to be wooed, this will show a mans sensitivity to a woman’s needs and building an emotional connection to her and is a very traditional method of winning a girl’s heart. Even with the use of modern day methods, email, Yahoo and Skype, the effort to mail a care package will not go unnoticed and will solidify your existence and potential desire for commitment. Filipina girls will almost always fall for a guy who will talk and act with commitment in mind, if your sincere she will know it and you will sweep her off of her feet.

Filipinas will always look forward to receiving a love letter or care package full of sweet-nothings, chocolate, cloths or anything personal that will establish your desire for long term commitment. Women from other countries find these things very cheesy or mushy but not to Filipinas.

If a man truely wants to win a Filipina’s heart he should show respect and love to her family. Families are very important in Philippine life. Filipina girls in general give a lot of significance to family get-togethers and family relationships. That is why a guy does not only woo the girl but the whole family as well.

A Filipino family does not only mean the mother, the father and some siblings. A Filipino family extends to the grandfather and grandmother, some uncles and aunts, cousins, sometimes even some nephews and nieces and the whole clan. That is why a guy should be prepared to love not just one person but the whole extended family.

In essence the way to any Filipina girl’s heart is to successfully project the sincerity and love that a man should have for a woman. There is actually no secret formula of some sort or a guidebook that one can follow. A guy could find a way to a girl’s heart by being true to himself and showing the girl and the girl’s family and close friends utmost respect and concern.

Filipina girls could be traditional or conservative but in a nutshell Filipinas only look for true love and nothing else.

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